Beautifying Kitchens For Over 50 Years

From modest beginnings, and through foresight and responsiveness, Hertco has earned its position as an industry leader.


Where does that peculiar name come from? Well for starters, at the time we applied to register our company name, we were informed that all of our choices were ineligible. Therefore, the four founding partners Harald and Erika Lincke and Tom and Connie Shorter decide that an acronym would have to do the job.

The company was started in a rented warehouse in Langley, BC Canada with a bank loan and a lot of determination and ambition. A handful of dealers immediately sign up, as they were not happy with their big local manufacturer and like the fact that Hertco is willing to do what it takes to make the customer happy. Our first generation product is a dadoed particle board cabinet with a paper print base finish. Initial door styles are limited to Laminate and Oak selections.


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