Beautifying Kitchens For Over 50 Years

Getting Started

Getting Started

Creating your perfect kitchen is easy with help from The Kitchen Store. We will help with cabinet and countertop styles, colors, features and design ideas. You'll pick from 100's of options and we'll help bring it all together for you. Plus, every product we sell is covered by the original manufacturer's warranty. You are guaranteed quality and performance .

The Four Steps To Your Dream Kitchen

Measure your kitchen as described below. Don't worry just do the best you can. We will come out and check all measurements before you place your order. Make an appointment to come in and meet one of our designers for a FREE consultation and design session. This is when you'll get to see your dream kitchen come to life on one of our state of the art computers.

Your designer will make a "house call" to make sure that everything will fit perfectly. You approve final plans and place your order. Depending on which manufacturer you choose, your cabinets will be delivered in 3-6 weeks .

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